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  • Rustic 80+ Year Old Reclaimed Fumed Oak Two Tier Wall Shelves - Southern Candle Classics

Southern Candle Classics

Rustic 80+ Year Old Reclaimed Fumed Oak Two Tier Wall Shelves

Rustic 80+ Year Old Reclaimed Fumed Oak Two Tier Wall Shelves

$147.00 $205.99


These Reclaimed Wood Shelves will add a natural element to your Home or Office. Hand made from 80+ year Old Fumed North Carolina Oak. Perfect for displaying your Trophies, Pictures, Decor & much more. The Reclaimed Woods unique patina, colors & characteristics will add charm to any space. No two pieces are the same but we put every effort into making them look as close as possible as the ones in the pictures. This is a functional reclaimed wood art piece designed to be a display medium of the unique reclaimed barnwood as well as your own collectables or candles. There are different shades of brown from light to dark and also some grey tones.

Dimension’s & Weight:

Height: 28” X Deep: 6 /12” X Width: 16 3⁄4
Weight: 17.4 LBS

All of our products are hand crafted from scratch using only the finest Reclaimed Wood and Raw New Materials from our mill. That enables us to do much more than what products that you see listed in our online stores. Custom orders are our specialty and are always welcome. Our integrity and craftsmanship is your quality assurance of acquiring exactly what we represented and what you ask for.  It is our desire to create a custom piece that is truly unique, exquisite and durable enough to last a lifetime. Our goal is to deliver projects & pieces that exceed your expectations, yet stay within your budget.  We exclusively source the very best Reclaimed Wood and Raw Materials from our sister companies Revient & our Vintage Hand Craft / Skip Dressed Wood from mill Boone Custom Forest Products. Own a beautiful creation from our skilled hands direct to your home and or office environment! For more information on items you see here or if you wish to consult with us about a custom project please contact.

Most of the orders are received within 3 business days

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