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Our Clean Air Scents

Our Clean Air One-Of-A-Kind candles are guaranteed to eliminate any odor. Our Proprietary unique formula attacks odor molecules in the air and physically breaks down the molecules and destroys them in as little as 30 minutes.

Other fragrance candles simply cover up odor by overpowering them, but the odor molecules are still in the air, still in the room. Our Clean Air candles literally destroy odor-causing molecules and clean the air.

For odor within your car, simply put the Clean Air candle in a cup holder and remove the lid, leaving the candle unlit. The warmth of the sun will activate the candle’s odor eliminating properties and rid your car of unwanted smells.

Take the Clean Air Challenge! Let us know about tough odors that you need to eliminate!

Laboratory testing has proven the effectiveness of this candle, completely eliminating even these tough odors:


  • All Pet Odors (Cats, Dogs, Hamsters, Ferrets…Safe around Birds)
  • All Tobacco Smoke Odors (Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, etc.)
  • All Cooking Odors (Fish, Broccoli, Onions, Garlic, etc.)
  • Damp, Musty Camper and RV, Basement and Utility Rooms
  • Hotel, Motel Rooms, Rental Cabins and Condos
  • Strong Salon Odors, Hair Solutions, Perms, Fingernail Polish
  • Bathroom and Cleaning Product Odor
  • Fireplace Smoke Odor
  • Diesel, Gasoline Odors
  • Paint and Glue Odors
  • Odor Sensitivities for Cancer and Medical Patients

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